Speakerphone 1.2

Switch the speakerphone on and off more easily


  • Neatly arranged icons
  • One-click IE access
  • Auto-answer toggling


  • Icons are a little too small


The speakerphone is a great feature of the Pocket PC, and is perfect for chatting to your friends without holding your mobile phone. Unfortunately, accessing the feature in Windows Mobile is a little clunky and you have to wade through the menu system to switch it on and off.

Step forward Speakerphone, a free application designed to help you switch to hands-free mode effortlessly. It does this by adding touch-friendly icons to your Today screen, which provide one-touch access to the feature.

In actual fact there are five icons that the program adds to your Today screen. As well as the speakerphone toggling button you also get an auto-answer switcher, a one-tap web browser launcher and a button that switches all these other features off.

The icons are arranged neatly along a single row and the design of each makes it clear what they all do. I think these icons could have done with being a little bigger as those with fatter fingers may struggle to hit the right button.

Speakerphone is another finger-friendly Today plugin that can be used to turn on the speakerphone mode in an easy and convenient way. You can toggle the speakerphone on and off with a finger-touch.



Speakerphone 1.2

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